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We believe experimentation is key in learning. Project-Based Learning is hard to implement from scratch and hence we aim to provide a starting point for any educator or learner. DBL is a project to develop freely redistributable materials to conduct educational lab projects with MATLAB, Simulink, Arduino and low-cost plants.

The lab introduces the fundamentals of Control Engineering through simulation and rapid controller prototyping with the free Arduino support packages for MATLAB and Simulink: https://mathworks.com/arduino.

A working copy of MATLAB is required. An Arduino board can be acquired at https://www.arduino.cc.


The practices of the subject Computer Control consist in the study of a servomechanism of angular positioning (LJ Technical Systems) controlled by a PC. The laboratory sessions P1 and P2 focus on the experimental analysis of the temporal and frequency responses of the system respectively. Sessions P3 and P4 are dedicated to the design of PID controllers. Finally, in practice P5 controllers will be designed in the frequency domain.

All the projects can be seen on projects and all the material can be downloaded in the three languages on download. In this last section, you will find the MATLAB/Simulink files and other interesting documents as the gerbers used to create an Arduino Due shield and an explanation of how the signal adapter has been created.


Materials include:

  • Build instructions for all setups
  • MATLAB live scripts with exercises
  • Simulink models
  • Walk-through videos


Available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan


All texts are CC BY-SA while the code and models are under the BSD license. In a nutshell, we welcome redistribution and modification, we expect you to cite the original authors of this work and we’d be very happy for educators and learners to contribute to this project and give us feedback.